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* * * Welcome to Truman Middle School. School begins at 7:25 each day. Please arrive on time.  * * *
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Harry S Truman Middle School
Home of the Timberwolves
16224 Mallory Drive
Fontana, CA  92335

(909) 357-5190
Fax: (909) 357-5199

Kim Hall, Principal
Dawn Marmo, Assistant Principal
Ayesha Brooks, Dean of Student Support​

Shauna Ricks, Last name: A - L
Elizabeth Jimenez, Last name: M - Z

(909) 357-5190, ext. 35206 
(909) 357-5190, ext. 35217

Dear Truman Families, 

The following information was sent to you via email messages and voicemail: 

Truman is participating in a federal program that allows us to feed all students at no charge. We need 100% of the students to return the application.

You don't need to disclose your income, just write, "Do not qualify" in the income section and fill out the remaining questions and return the application to our school immediately.

Please sign and return the parent annual notification letter. This letter will allow your student to access online learning programs, and college/career readiness programs. Yearbook and photo allowances will also be permitted after completion of this form. Your child was given a copy of this form for you to sign and has been reminded on a daily basis. Please ask him/her for the form, sign it and ensure that it is in their backpack tonight. Thank you for your cooperation.

Attendance Matters! Did you know every time a student is late to class, it doesn’t matter whether it is 30 seconds or 15 minutes, it interrupts the learning and teaching going on in the classroom? Starting next week, we will be conducting random tardy sweeps.  Please assist us in getting your student to school on time, along with speaking with your student about the importance of being in class on time every class period.  If your student is caught in the tardy sweeps, consequences will be given. Thank you for assisting us in spreading the message to your student about the importance of being at school every day, and every class period on time.



Kim Hall, Principal

Estimadas familias de Truman,

La siguiente información fue enviada a usted a través de mensajes de correo electrónico y correo de voz:

La escuela Truman está participando en un programa federal que nos permite alimentar a nuestros alumnos sin ningún costo. Necesitamos que el 100% de los alumnos regresen la solicitud.

No tiene que escribir la cantidad de sus ingresos en la solicitud, solo escriba, "No califico" en la sección de ingresos y llene el resto de la solicitud y regrésela inmediatamente a la escuela.

Esta carta le permitirá a su hijo/a para acceder a los programas de aprendizaje en la internet y programas de preparación para la universidad / carrera. Tambien si entregan la carta, su hijo/a podria aparecer en el anuario de la escuela. Su hijo/a se lo dio una copia de este carta para que usted firme y ha sido recordado diariamente. Por favor, pregúntale / ella para el formulario, firmarlo y asegúrese de que está en su mochila esta noche. Gracias por su cooperación.

¡La asistencia es importante!  ¿Sabía Usted que cada vez que un alumno llega tarde a clases, ya sea 30 segundos o 15 minutos, interrumpe el aprendizaje o la enseñanza del salón de clases? Comenzando la próxima semana, vamos a tener redadas de tardanzas. Por favor ayude trayendo a su alumno a la escuela a tiempo, al igual que hablando con él, sobre la importancia de llegar a clases a tiempo durante todas los periodos. Si su alumno es detenido en la redada tendrá consecuencias. Gracias por asistirnos a compartir el mensaje con su hijo sobre la importancia de venir a clases todos los días y a todos los periodos a tiempo.



Kim Hall, Directora

Truman Spelling Bee Champion 
by Pamela L. Kaptain
 1/14/2016 3:42 PM
Tdap Booster For Incoming 7th Graders 
by Pamela L. Kaptain
 1/28/2014 2:37 PM
Common Core State Standards 
by Pamela L. Kaptain
 8/13/2013 4:32 PM
New California Requirement: Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccination 
by Pamela L. Kaptain
 6/13/2013 4:14 PM
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5/25/2016 12:00 AM Last Day of School - Minimum Day 
Have a great summer!
5/25/2016 9:50 AM 8th Grade Dance 
5/31/2016 12:00 AM Summer School Robotics Class  
Teacher:  Travis Wood
Time: TBD
5/31/2016 8:30 AM 8th Grade Activity - Swimming 
7/18/2016 8:00 AM Summer School - Basic Reading and Writing Skills 
8:00 am - 9:00 am - Basic Reading Skills
9:00 am - 9:30 am - Breakfast
9:30 am -10:30 am - Basic Writing Skills
7/28/2016 8:00 AM Student Orientation  
All grades (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) will:
• Return student information packets
• Pick up class schedule
• Pick up textbooks
• Take ID/yearbook photo. Inform families that this is the picture that will be in the...
7/29/2016 8:00 AM WEB Orientation - 6th Grade Students  
This is for 6th grade students only.
(More Events...)


Meet our Students of the Month for April:

April Almonte

Francisco Silva Sanchez​​

Meet our Staff Member of the Month for April:

Deneen Enoch​
Mrs. Wendy Ramirez selected Deneen Enoch as Staff of the Month. Wendy said, “When I grow up, I want to be just like Mrs. Enoch.”

In February, 372 students had perfect attendance and no tardies! All 424 students received a certificate and, through a lottery, some of them received In-N-Out Burger gift certificates, movie tickets, and Starbucks mugs.​​​​​​​
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