Our Administration
Renee Castanon
(909) 357-5950, ext. 15107

Areas of Responsibility: Oversees all programs and functions. 
Departments:  AVID, English, Advanced Placement

Silvana Guerrucci-Pierce
Assistant Principal
12th Grade, 10th Grade A - Gik

(909) 357-5950, ext. 15135

Areas of Responsibility: SSC and WASC
Departments: Social Science and Science
Timothy Hannon
Assistant Principal
9th Grade, 10th Grade Gil - N

(909) 357-5950, ext. 15111

Areas of Responsibility: Attendance
Departments:  CTE, VAPA, ELD, and World Languages
Greg Lopez
Assistant Principal
11th Grade, 10th Grade O - Z

(909) 357-5950, ext. 15112

Areas of Responsibility: Master Schedule
Departments: Counseling, PE, Math and Special Ed.
Robert Peterson
Athletic Director
(909) 357-5950, ext. 15151
Jesse Cerda
ASB Director
(909) 357-5950, ext. 15335
Tracy Ingram
School Secretary
(909) 357-5950, ext. 15107