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​​Name ​Title ​​Alphabet
​Melia Kiggins ​Counselor 9th-12th Grade AVID & STEM ​15139
​Eren Ciprian ​Counselor 9th-12th Grade ​A-C 15133
​Annette Parker ​Counselor 9th-12th Grade ​D-Herm ​15138
Doug Homme​ ​Counselor 9th-12th Grade Hern-Mer 15140
Diana Buoye​ ​Counselor 9th-12th Grade ​Mes-Roj ​15132
​Albert Murillo ​Counselor 9th-12th Grade ​Rok-Z ​15134
​Cristal Gonzalez ​Guidance Tech 9th Grade 15131
​Rebecca Mendez ​Guidance Tech 10th Grade 15143
​Alejandra Monarrez ​Guidance Tech ​11th Grade ​15141
Jane Guillen Guidance Tech ​12th Grade & Work Permits 15131
Cheryl Gonzalez ​Psychologist ​10th & 12th Grade ​15380
​ Stacy Kimmel Psychologist ​9th & 11th Grade 15381
Julie Stone Speech ​All 15382
​Tammy Phipps Registrar All ​14142
​Melissa Reyes Workability ​All 15227
Cheryl Harris ​Work Experience Teacher All ​15226
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