How do I get a copy of my "official" transcript?
Visit the Registrar's Office at Summit High School.

What do I need to order an "official" transcript?
A Valid Photo ID or High School ID card.

Who do I contact for more information?
Call the Summit High School Registrar at (909) 357-5950, ext. 3039.

What if I graduated more than three years ago?
Contact the Central Records Office at (909) 357-7600, ext. 29301, Fax at (909) 357-7641 or email at

What is the difference between "official" and "unoffical" transcript?
An unofficial transcript can be printed for your review by school personnel. Official transcripts will have a qualified school official's signature and the school seal embossed on it. Only official transcripts are recognized as valid proof of your academic performance by other educational institutions (other high schools, colleges, universities, ect.)

How long does it take to get official transcripts? 
Transcripts are generally available for pick-up 2 business days after they have been requested.  During peak times (November, March, and June), wait times may be longer.  The registrar will let you know how fast the school personnel will be able to process your transcripts when you submit your request. 


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