Graduation Requirements
Subject FUSD Graduation

40 Credits
Freshman English
Sophomore English
Junior English
Senior English



20 Credits
Algebra I

Social Science

30 Credits
World History: 10 Credits
U.S. History: 10 Credits
Gov.: 5 Credits & Econ.: 5 Credits


 20 Credits

Earth Science or Chemistry: 10 Credits
Biology: 10 Credits


Fine Art or
Foreign Language or
Career Technical Education, which includes ROP

10 Credits
Art, Band, Choir, Drama, Computer Animation, Digital Graphic Design
Spanish I, II, III, IV
French I, II, III, IV
Physical Education

20 Credits
PE 1
PE 2
Dance PE

Marching Band



Electives 90 Credits

Must Pass Both to Receive A High School Diploma
350 English Minimum Passing Score
350 Math Minimum Passing Score


 9-12 Minimum Credits Required to be on Track

  • 9th Grade:      60 credits
  • 10th Grade:   120 credits
  • 11th Grade:   180 credits
  • 12th Grade:   230 credits

Required for Graduation

  • Meet all FUSD subject matter requirements listed above
  • Earn a minimum of 230 credits
  • Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE)

Progress Reports and Report Cards

  • Progress reports are issued mid-quarter
  • Quarter grades are reported mid-semester
  • Semester grades, which are permanent and recorded onto the transcripts, are reported in December and May
  • Parents please sign up for Zangle Parent Connect and monitor the progress of your child's grades

Deficient in Credits

  • See your Academic Pathway Advisor to create a plan for credit recovery
  • See your Guidance Technician to update your 4 year plan

Other Routes to Finishing School

  • Transfer to Citrus Continuation High School
  • 18 year olds, who are not on track with grades, attendance or behavior may be dropped and encouraged to enroll in Adult Education 

Additional Important Information

  • Graduation is a privilege.  Education Code 44811 gives administration the authority to withhold graduation ceremony from any scholar.