NCAA Requirements

16 Core-Courses

Year Subject
​4 English​
(Algebra I or Higher)​
​Natural/Physical Science
(1 Year Laboratory Science)
Additional Course
(English/Math/Natural Science/Physical Science)​
Social Science
(World History, US History)​
Additional Academic Courses
(Courses Listed Above/World History)​


This "Guide for College Bound Athletes" comes straight from the NCAA website and will walk you through everything that will be required of you to be initially eligible to play sports in college.
This link takes you to a list of items that you may want to have prepared prior to beginning your registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center.
If you are an athlete who is interested in playing your sport in college, you want to sign up with the NCAA Eligibility Center during your Junior Year.
Eligibility information and a more direct approach to learning about the NCAA as an organization that benefits prospective College Athletes.
Eligibility information and a more direct approach to learning about the NAIA organization that benefits prospective Private School College Athletes. there are over 300 schools that are part of the NAIA.
Official Site of the National Association of Intercollegiate Association. Track sports and services this organization provides.
Understanding the process and requirements to play sports in college.
 New NCAA Elibility Requirements Presentation - as of 8/1/12
 New Initial-Eligibility Standards for NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes
 New NCAA Divisions I & II Initial-Eligibility Requirements - Quick Reference Guide
 2012 NCAA NNAIA Parent Presentation