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In order to participate in any of the graduation activities, students must turn in a Graduation Code of Ethics signed by themselves and their parents/guardians.  You will receive a form in your English classes.  These will be collected with your C-YA Checkout card by the Bookkeeper. Extra forms are available in any of the Assistant Principals’ offices or in the ASB room.  You can also download and print a form from
Senior C-YA’s are issued by the ASB Bookkeeper in H104.  The receipts indicate that there are no fees, demerits or charges owed by the student, all textbooks, athletic equipment, parking permits have been returned.  This C-YA Receipt allows you to pick up your Cap & Gown and graduation tickets.  DO NOT LOSE IT!!!
If you are ever on the SENIOR FAIL LIST you will not be allowed to check out until May 20th.  Even if you are only on one, but now you’re passing the class, you still won’t be able to check out.  Any Senior on the Fail List is in danger of not graduating.  Pass your classes!


·      If you are on even one Senior Fail List, you may not be allowed to checkout until May 20th. Do not get on a fail list!  Pass your classes!!!

·      The last day of regular class attendance for seniors is Friday, May 20. However, seniors must attend ALL scheduled practices on May 23 through May 26.

·      You may not participate in graduation activities if you have less than 95% attendance, uncleared demerits, outstanding charges, or have books that have not been returned or paid for.

·      Effective April 8th, only cash, money orders or cashier’s checks will be accepted for activities or fees.  No personal checks will be accepted.

CAP & GOWNS (May 20): If you have not ordered a cap and gown, you will have to wait until May 20th and purchase one of the extras. We will make every effort to have one for you.  If you bought a Cat Package, we ordered it for you.
Caps & gowns will be delivered on May 20. Students must have their C-YA receipt to pick up ALL graduation items.  Students who do not graduate but had ordered a cap & gown may apply for a refund after graduation.  No refunds will be given for those missing the ceremony.
The dress code applies to the Baccalaureate Ceremony, Senior Awards Night, and Graduation Ceremony:
·         Acceptable attire for men includes: Collared shirts (button-up or polo); pants (dress slacks, khakis, or cords); comfortable, clean shoes. Tie and jacket are optional.
·         Acceptable attire for women includes: Dresses and jumpsuits (no shorter than 2” above the knee); skirts or pants with an appropriate top (no strapless); comfortable, clean shoes; purses must be small to medium in size and must be worn over the shoulder.
·         Unacceptable attire for everyone includes: Backpacks, briefcases, fanny packs, camera bags and tote bags. Baggy pants, see-through blouses, tank tops, spaghetti straps, clothing with organizational names, logos, teams, or group affiliations except manufacturer identification, denim of any color, jeans, tennis shoes, hats, jogging suits or sweats, leggings and stirrup pants, letterman jackets, overalls, shorts or skorts, flip flop sandals, sweatshirts, t-shirts. Nothing can be placed on the cap other than the tassel.
Lifetouch will be here on May 24 during graduation practice to take your panoramic picture.  This is a photograph taken of all the seniors in cap and gown on the bleachers in the stadium to commemorate their impending graduation.  Copies can be purchased at that time.
PRACTICES (May 23, 24, and 26)
Students who do not attend the graduation practices will not be able to participate in the Graduation ceremony.
TICKETS (May 25)
Tickets are required for the Graduation Ceremony.  On May 25th at 8:00 am, tickets will be distributed from the stadium ticket booths. Bring your signed SENIOR CHECKOUT card and C-YA RECEIPT to pick up your 10 graduation tickets.  All those attending commencement must have a ticket.
Citizens Business Bank Arena has a $10 parking fee per car.  All cars parking at the Arena have to pay, even graduates.
Baccalaureate is a formal ceremony honoring all Graduating Seniors.  Caps and Gowns are worn, and the Graduation dress code must be adhered to.  A special address by a person of note will speak to the achievements that all graduates have accomplished and to the brightness of their future.
Students receive local scholarships, grants, or awards.  All seniors and their parents are invited.
Get your tickets early!  We always run out!!!  The LAST day to purchase tickets is May 25. This is always a great time and a safe way to celebrate your graduation!  Tickets must be purchased ahead of time. If taking a guest, the tickets must be purchased at the same time.  NO CHANGES will be made once the tickets have been purchased.  Remember, the Behavior Contracts and Disneyland’s Acknowledgement Form must be completed by ALL planning to attend PRIOR to purchasing the tickets.  All students going must ride the bus.  Photo I.D.  is required for all.  Buses are assigned when you purchase the tickets, so friends who want to ride together need to buy their tickets at the same time.  Off campus guests must be a senior or older (anyone over 21 must bring a copy of their driver’s license to H104 for prior approval). Guest tickets must be purchased at the same time as your ticket.
Disneyland has its own dress code and they strictly enforce it and their rules.  Read your Grad Nite information carefully.