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Student Responsibilities

Education Code 48908: All pupils shall comply with the regulations, pursue the required course study, and submit to the authority of the teachers of the school. C.C.R. Title 5, Sec. 300: Every student shall attend school punctually and regularly; conform to the regulations of the school; obey promptly all the directions of his teacher and others in authority; observe good order and propriety of deportment; be diligent in study; respectful to his teacher and others in authority; kind and courteous to schoolmates; and refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language. (Reg. 77, No. 39)


Code of Conduct

Students at Kaiser High School are expected to:

  • Come to school on time; be here by 7:24 a.m.
  • Come to school prepared to learn; this includes having a 3-ring binder, pen, pencil, paper, and textbook (when required)
  • Follow directions of ALL school personnel
  • Use school property correctly
  • Respect the rights and the property of others
  • Leave iPods, MP3/CD players, PSPs, and other distracting electronic devices at home
  • Respect the environment; pick up trash Walk in an orderly and quiet manner
  • Keep hands, feet, food, and objects to themselves
  • Not spray, nor consciously cause to be placed on any other student, teacher, or any school property or property of a student or teacher, any chemical, cologne, perfume, hair spray, scented body lotion, or scented deodorant, without the previous express permission of that student or teacher
  • Behave in a manner that will bring pride to the school and the community
  • “Dress to Impress” in accordance with the Kaiser High School dress code
  • Avoid any violations of California Education Code 48900 which are grounds for suspension and/or expulsion
  • Maintain high moral and ethical standards
  • Deliver ALL school related information to parents/guardians on the same day it is issued

Students on campus at Kaiser High School will:

  • Stay out of the parking lot during normal school hours
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • Walk and not run on campus
  • Not ride bikes, roller blades, or skateboards on campus
  • Not loiter during passing periods
  • Not use any item which disrupts normal activities or is not necessary for classroom instruction
  • Not use any electronic signaling devices while on campus during normal school hours – cell phones, pagers, etc.
  • Not be allowed to bring or receive party/celebration balloons
  • Refrain from inappropriate, public displays of affection
  • Stay away from altercations and not instigate any further problems

Students in the classroom at Kaiser High School will:

  • Arrive to and be prepared for class BEFORE the tardy bell rings
  • Follow directions
  • Give everyone the right to learn by not being disruptive
  • Not waste time and stay on task
  • Complete and turn in all assignments on time
  • Be courteous to all classmates
  • Use appropriate language at all times
  • Be responsible for turning in quality work
  • Use their student handbook
  • Make up any work missed when absent
  • Follow each teacher’s specific behavior guidelines
  • Not get into verbal or physical altercations

Students during lunch at Kaiser High School will:

  • Eat food and remain in designated areas (in front of yellow lines)
  • Wait patiently in lines and not cut in front of classmates
  • Not litter and will clean up after themselves
  • Not buy food or drinks after the warning bell has rung
  • Go directly to the food lines and not wait until lunch is almost over

Students as they leave the Kaiser High School campus will:

  • Not loiter on campus and/or in local businesses
  • Represent Kaiser with pride by respecting local homes and businesses
  • Observe all school and bus rules
  • Follow all directions given by the supervising adults
  • Use crosswalks
  • Wait for parents/guardians at the front of the school, if being picked up