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Kaiser High School is a school that strongly believes in developing student pride.  Students and staff wear Green, Silver, and Black to support our school activities.  Dress should be appropriate for normal school day activities; it should reflect pride, respect, and decency.  Health and safety are guides to acceptable school attire.  Students will adhere to the following dress code:

  1. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.  Bedroom slippers and other footwear without solid soles are not allowed.
  2. Bizarre clothing that causes a major school or classroom distraction is prohibited.
  3. Clothing, headwear, backpacks and jewelry shall be free of tagging, pictures, or any other insignias, symbols, or emblems which are crude, vulgar, and profane or suggest any act which is illegal or hazardous to one’s health.
  4. Any article that advocates racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or the use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol is prohibited. Examples: Iron Cross, Brown Pride, bullets.
  5. Clothing, sports caps, knitted beanies, and hats must be free of the following:
    • Non-acceptable symbols/logos:  Raiders, Los Angeles (LA), Inland Empire (IE), Brown Pride (BP), San Francisco (SF) and other personalized headgear.
    • Note:  Other logos/symbols may be excluded based on problems created by them on or off campus during the school year.
  6. No bandanas (used as headbands, wristbands or ankle bands), hairnets, or nylon stocking beanies/caps are allowed.
  7. Any garments, headwear, or accessory displaying emblems of outside clubs or gang affiliations are not acceptable and will be confiscated.
  8. Any article of clothing, headwear, or jewelry that can be construed to have a “double meaning” is prohibited.
  9. Clothing must cover all undergarments, on both males (muscle shirts, underwear) and females (bra, underwear).
  10. No muscle shirts, undershirts, backless blouses, halter/tube tops, and sports bras/exercise tops are allowed on campus.  Blouses/tops MUST have two shoulder straps.  Bare midriff tops must not expose more than 3 inches between the top and the waist line of the pants/shorts.
  11. See-through, or fishnet fabrics must have a garment other than underclothing underneath.  Excessively revealing clothes are not allowed (Cut-outs, low cut tops).
  12. Shorts must be of sufficient length to completely cover the buttocks.
  13. Excessively baggy pants are not acceptable.  Pants must be worn over the hips for both males and females.
  14. In case of questionable dress not covered in the rules above, a site administrator will make a final decision.

Dress code can and will be modified according to clothing trends to ensure a safe school setting for all students.