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Dear Mrs. Booth,  I just wanted to thank you for having a wonderful Quilting Class at Fontanta Adult School. The reason I'm writing this note is to thank you for teaching me quilting & sewing in your class. I really enjoyed you and the students in the class. I've even bought a sewing machine and many spools of thread and a sewing book from Barnes & Noble to fulfill my sewing dreams. Well, I'm going to cut to the chase...I was a heavy drinker in my twenties and messed up my life so I had to quit. Well the good lord saved me about ten years ago from destroying myself & life from drinking. The bad news is I started up again about three months ago; drinking. I thought the drining was going to take me for a ride again, "one bad ride", bit it didn't...thanks to you and your class. Your class saved me by keeping me busy at school...and on the weekends I sew, and this has been keeping me from hitting the bottle. You've done the best thing in the world by teaching students of all ages quilting. This class has helped me with my problem and I know this class will help others with their problems as well...God bless you!... P.S...I love quilting, not drinking.
Sincerely, Anonymous student

I like to learn English. It is necessary at my work. I can help my son with his homework. When I go to the doctor, he understands. When I have meetings at my son’s school I understand. 
- Martha P (Beginning Literacy)

I want to learn English to help me do better at work, to help others read letters that arrive, and to know how to write a letter.
- Aurelio A (Beginning Literacy)

I need English in my life in the United States of America to have a good job. I want to talk with friends that know English. I want to have a better quality of life so I am learning English.
- Aaron L (Beginning Literacy)

English is important for my work and my future. I like English very much because:  I want to be able to do things alone and I don’t want to depend on an interpreter for everything that I do; I want to learn because my children are in school and I want to be able to attend meetings that are only in English; I want to show myself that I can learn, although the language is difficult.  And above all, I want to learn to speak and write the English language correctly. 
- Maria R (Beginning Literacy)

Since I stopped on Citrus Avenue, I have had a great change in my life. I feel more confident and secure. Thank you very much to all of you. 
Sincerely, Guillermo R (ESL)

I have only spent two weeks in the school and I am so happy with what I am learning in the ESL classes with my teacher Mrs. Watson-Rodgers. She is such a nice person and teacher. She teaches me very well.
- Maria P (ESL) Now I can talk with other people because I have more practice with English. - Nora P (ESL)

The English class is very important for me. I am learning more English. I don’t have any more problems when I need to speak English. I like the people who are learning English and who talk to me.
- Jose G (ESL)

ESL is helping me in my work.
- Leticia M (ESL)

The adult school is very important. I am learning lots of things in this class.
- Laura G (HS Diploma-English)

I love the way Ms. Honey teaches her class. Sometimes it is hard to understand some of the topics she teaches, but I am determined to continue in her class. I want to learn English; this is my goal.
- Maribel C (HS Diploma)

I think this school has helped me out by getting my life together, by doing things that would help improve my skills and attitude about taking school seriously, helping me think positively and keeping the negative out with the teachers who understand why we are here.
- Andrew G (HS Diploma)

I came to Fontana Adult School to earn my high school diploma. So far I’ve had a great experience. I’ve learned new things and I’ve met a few good people who want to do great things in their lives. Fontana Adult School provides a good learning atmosphere, it’s fairly comfortable and we are given good learning material to help us comprehend our lessons.
- Julian M (HS Diploma)

This has been very beneficial to the advancement of my education by allowing me to complete the courses needed to get my H.S. diploma at an accelerated pace, therefore making it possible for me to move on in my education to a higher level.
-Kenneth M (HS Diploma)

Ms. Honey is one of the best teachers I ever had. Thanks to her, I want to come to class.
- Enrique E (HS Diploma)

I feel that Ms. Honey is a great English teacher. Ms. Honey is very detailed with each lesson she teaches. She also teaches with patience and care. That’s why I feel she is a great teacher.
- Michael B (HS Diploma)

Fontana Adult School has really helped me out with English and science. I like my teacher I have for English. She really helps me a lot. She doesn’t give up on me. She keeps teaching me until I understand and learn. Thank you Miss Honey.
Sincerely, Yanet R (HS Diploma)

I’m in the high school diploma program and I have classes in history and English. I’m very happy with my teachers. They are very good and they are helping me to get my diploma and go to college.
- Miriam J. (HS Diploma)

I am learning English 1. because I want a better job, and 2. because I want to help my daughter with her homework.
- Rigoberto J (Transitional English)

Fontana Adult School is helping me learn more English. Thank you to all my teachers.
- Celina Yanet B (HS Diploma)

I am taking English 1 and I like how Ms. Honey teaches the class; also, Fontana Adult School is helping me get a high school diploma.
- Maria C (HS Diploma)

Why I came to FAS to learn English: 1. I enrolled in FAS to help my kids with their homework; 2. because English is the language of this country and we are supposed to learn it; 3. and because I want to learn to speak English very well, because I would like to study something else, like dental assistant or pharmacy technician.
- Luz R (Transitional English)

I came to FAS to learn English 1. because I want to talk the language of this country, 2. because I want the best job, and 3. because I want to talk with other people.
- Jaqueline F (Transitional English)

There are many reasons I came to FAS to learn English. The first one is that I need a better job. Second, I really hate it when people are around me and I don’t understand what they are talking about. That makes me feel so bad, and finally, English is part of our lives. We live in the U.S. and English is the language that we need to learn and speak. It’s a necessity.
- Veronica S (Transitional English)

Why did you come to FAS to learn English? 1. First, I’d like to meet with other students with the same interests. 2. Next, I’m trying to improve my English skills in grammar, pronunciation, and punctuation, as well as, enriching my vocabulary. 3. Finally, if I get more knowledge, I will have a better job, and why not, maybe a career.
- Joe T (Transitional English)

1.  I came to FAS to learn English because I have two children and I need to help them with their homework. 2. I came to FAS to learn English because I love English and my dream is to speak English very well.
- Patricia M (Transitional English)

I came to FAS to learn English because I want to improve my English, I want to be somebody for my son to look up to, and I want to continue with my profession as an educator for children with special needs.
- Sandra E (Transitional English)

I came to FAS to learn English because I like the schedule. I want to improve my speaking and I would like to keep going; with high school next.
- Paola R (Transitional English)

Why did you come to FAS to learn English? 1. I want the best opportunity for work. 2. All the documents, I need to understand, are in English. 3. I want to supervise personnel. 4. I want to get a raise.
- J. Guadalupe L (Transitional English)

I came to Fontana Adult School because it has very good teachers. Also, since I came to FAS, I feel that I’m learning more English. - Javier A (Transitional English)

I came to FAS to learn English 1. For myself, and someday I will get better work. 2. To help my children with their homework and talk with the teacher about how they are doing at school.
- Ma. Alejandra L-O (Transitional English)

Adult school has helped a lot because if it wasn’t for adult school, I would not be able to graduate and get my diploma.
- Claudia G (HS Diploma)

My experience at “Fontana Adult School”: Well, first, by the location of the place, I knew I was right in coming here. I got my schedule. They were nice. They provided me with good service. I went to my class basically my first day. I saw the classroom, the teachers, and the students. I was concerned that the classrooms would be too small. The school is beautiful. It has it’s own parking.
- Humberto T (HS Diploma)

My experiences in Fontana Adult School have been very pleasant. I’ve been able to look into other adult schools with the ___ District and there’s too many people just trying to have fun. Not here. Yea, we have fun, but while doing our work. That’s thanks to Mr. Larsen.
- Alejandro R (HS Diploma)

My mom has been part of the medical field since the day I was born. Now, 20 years later, I am putting in my share of being in the medical field. Getting into the pharmacy technician program, I thought would be a big step to get into my RN program, but I soon found out there was so much information I NEVER knew about! Mrs. Aguilar has made us come together like a family every morning to learn about the many things of medicine. I’m having a great time here at Fontana Adult School, learning more and more everyday! Thanks so much for all the knowledge!
- Michelle M (Pharmacy Technician)

The pharmacy technician class has helped me a lot by giving me knowledge of a lot of different drugs that are in this world to help us, but that could also backfire if not taken properly, or have side effects. I really enjoy learning everything.
- Daisy E (Pharmacy Technician)

This course has changed my perspective on how I view the careers of pharmacist and technicians. I never would have expected the responsibilities they have. I also have never had so much fun learning my material and I have the teacher to thank for that. It has definitely changed my life for the better.
- Alfonso L (Pharmacy Technician)

Fontana Adult School has helped me enormously, not only in my education, but also in my personal life. In the short time I’ve attended this school I’ve completed many classes. Fontana Adult School is the only school that fits my schedule and needs. I would recommend this school to others.
- Tracey A (HS Diploma)

This adult school is helping me fulfill my dream of being an influence on my children and helping me achieve my goal of getting a high paying job.
- Christian A (HS Diploma)

If this school were to be closed down, this would have a negative effect on the city, community, and town. This school allows adults, and teenagers, to escape their life. Some do negative things and want to change their lives. This school allows them that chance. If it closed down, all you would be doing is pouring them back into the streets.
- Daniel V (HS Diploma)

This school is helping me graduate so I can go to a college and do something with my life. People come to Fontana Adult School to graduate, to learn something. Everyone wants to do something. I’m enjoying the classes I have: art, sign language and economics. I get along with all my classmates and teachers. It’s a great place to graduate from and the people I met really want to graduate. I go to school for a reason; to learn and graduate. I want to progress in life.
- Julio R (HS Diploma)

The reason why I believe that the adult school is a good school is because it really influenced me to get my diploma and move on to getting a degree in college, and to go on to an oceanographic school.
- Yesenia R (HS Diploma)

The experience for me, at Fontana Adult School, has been great. The teachers teach very well and they focus on every student; not just one. I look forward to coming to class and learning new things that I can use for the rest of my life. The things that I learn in this school actually stick with me. Fontana teachers are very good. They do a great job. Larsen is the best teacher in the school.
- Jeffrey L (HS Diploma)

Fontana Adult School has helped me accomplish the ability to learn now that I’m older. I like the teachers. They give a lot of information about what we learn. I would like to thank Fontana Adult School for giving me the chance to get my diploma.
- Rene G I’ve learned so much in Earth Science. I’ve learned about our planets, the order that they are in; about the stars, the colors tell how old they are, and what the sun is made up of. I have a really good teacher, Mr. Larsen.
- David V (HS Diploma)

I’ve been reaching my goals so far and I’ve like the teachers so far.
- Juan A (HS Diploma)

To the Fontana Community, I believe Fontana Adult School is an amazing school. It has provided me with great experience, the teachers at this school are excellent teachers and their methods are superb. Their teaching and the memories will forever stay in my soul. On that note, please keep this beautiful place alive so other students can learn and prosper in their education.
- Oscar C (HS Diploma)

The classes were an awesome experience. I learned a lot about the planets and solar system. All this happened in a very good environment-outside, on campus, and in the classroom. Mr. Larsen, the science teacher is very good and very suited for the course.
- Patricia G (HS Diploma)

Since I have been in Ms. Kit’s class, I learned a lot. I learned how to write sentences correctly, and also I learned how to speak properly. I know the difference between slang words and words that are needed to be said to be correct. Although it was hard in the beginning for me, because I speak a lot of slang, I managed to pull through and understand what the teacher taught. I learned new words that I didn’t know before. I also learned the definitions of some words that I had heard before but I didn’t know what they meant. We also learned how to write simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and finally compound complex sentences. It took me a while to understand how to write some sentences, but now I know how to write them with no problem. We also read a lot of stories as well and it was our job to find the different types of sentences. I also learned to identify the subject, verb, and conjunction.
- Jeffrey L (HS Diploma)

Mrs. Kit, what I’ve learned in your class, I can honestly say I did not learn in my previous English classes. Before, I did not know what a compound, complex, and compound complex sentence structure was. Now I do. Not only did you teach me about English, but you gave me good tips and understandings from outside the class. For example, how to speak correctly in a professional way, and also how texting affects our vocabulary and spelling. I can say that I don’t text the way I used to. Also, you showed and taught words to me that I never knew what they meant. Now, when I watch movies and t.v. shows, I know what they’re talking about. Overall, I feel a lot more educated and prepared for my future, professional career. I will use everything I’ve learned as I go on in life. Thank you Mrs. Kit.
- Tony F (HS Diploma)

Fontana Adult School gives another chance in life to better yourself. I believe that Fontana Adult School has helped, and still continues to help, those that want to better themselves in their life. It’s a great opportunity because, most importantly, it’s free. Who can let an opportunity like this pass by; no one should. It’s a way to have a better life for you and your loved ones. I hope Fontana Adult School will continue helping for a long time.
- Brenda L (HS Diploma)

The fundamental teachings of Ms. K. are more than good, they are concise. I have learned, in the past 9 weeks, everything from compound sentences to words I never understood. In the past, when I was in school and I heard about compound and complex sentences, I never knew the difference. Grammar has not been my sturdy subject. Many times I confused common conjunctions. At times I would pare anything that had to do with adjectives, verbs, and nouns, but not any more. In the past 9 weeks of this course, I have improved my literature and writing skills, preparing me for college writing. I learned from stories that have irony, and for that matter, what irony actually means. I read and learned about how ancestors of past Indian tribes felt and theories of how the earth was made. They had very interesting ideas and views of the gods. In the past 9 weeks, I learned about complex sentences and how they can have one or more clauses. Example, The car leaks [whenever it is on]. I would never have known the difference between that kind of sentence and a compound or simple sentence without this class. The vocabulary quiz we had every week helped me learn so many words; like cited, which means to quote. Another word I learned was ardent, which means really excited. At the beginning of the semester, Ms. K. gave advice about how our diplomas should stand and be worth something. At that moment I didn’t understand that, but now that the end of the semester is here, I see what she meant. If we are already here in class so we can get our credits, let them have value, let’s take what we learned and apply it. I have taken a lot in and I feel proficient enough to say that my time in this class was ore than worth it. I yearn for next semester to start.
- Hecter N (HS Diploma)

Adult school has given me a second chance to get my high school diploma. I like a lot of things about adult school. Here are some of my thoughts. I like the school. It’s a very nice school. The teachers are very good at what they do, which is teaching. The teachers actually treat you like an adult and a student which I enjoy. Most of the teachers’ teaching methods are very good. I have learned more in my adult school years than I did in my high school years. I am happy adult school has given me a second chance of getting my life on the right path and a second chance of learning things I took for granted in high school. I am happy with the things I have learned here and I think it will help me with life and college. Adult school gives you a second chance and I will never forget this school or my teachers.
- Leticia S (HS Diploma)

Adult school is a good option because it gives people a second chance. Nowadays you need a high school diploma to work at McDonalds. Any job you apply for, you’re asked for a high school diploma. The fact that adult school is offered to us for free is an awesome privilege. Lots of school districts don’t offer the option to go to school as an adult. I think that if you don’t have a high school diploma, you should make the effort to get it. I now see that to get ahead in life, you need to get an education. I now see that your education is a very important tool to have. I now see that knowledge is power. Having an education really gives you a head start in life and at being successful. If only I would have listened to my parents when they would tell me go to school. I’ve learned more in six weeks than I learned in all of high school.
- William I (HS Diploma)

As a student attending an adult school, I know and understand the importance of it, and I believe that people should attend and believe in it. If it weren’t for this adult school, I would have never thought about finishing my education, or what I wanted to accomplish. When I heard about this school, I knew right away I needed to enroll, and I needed to figure out my future, not only for me, but for my family as well. Since I’ve joined, I believe that I can accomplish something for my family. It was hard when I decided to go because I had a baby at home. Luckily my family is very helpful with babysitting. So if this adult school was not here, I would probably still not be doing anything. This adult school has given me a second chance at an education and at life. I am grateful and glad I’m attending adult school and believe there should be more for people like me that need a second chance.
- Loretta V (HS Diploma)

I think school is very important because that’s how you will get a career and a better job. Adult school is very important to me since my worst mistake was getting pregnant at such an early age, and dropping out my Senior year. But now I decided to come back to school to get my high school diploma. I know it’s never too late to come back and finish school. One of the things that really made me come back to school was when my daughter graduated this past year from high school. I thought she wasn’t going to. She made it in 1 year, and she graduated. I’m so proud of her, because she tried so hard and she did graduate. And now she is going to college to get a better career, and a better job. And my plans are to go to college too, for 9 months. I am going for medical billing and coding. Since I’m older now, I don’t want to spend a lot of years in school. Thank you, Ms. Kit for everything you have taught me. That really helped me prepare for my test for college this past Friday. I went to do my test and I did so well. Thank you for all you have taught me.
- Claudia H (HS Diploma)

I remember when I first started going to high school everything was going good. I was passing my classes, but also messing up here and there, so I knew I had to step it up. I signed up for extra classes to be right on target for senior year. Finally senior year came and I started off 5 credits ahead. With a job, it got tough. As time went by I noticed I wasn’t doing well. I started to notice that a job was really affecting me because I lacked sleep and did not have enough time for homework. I didn’t blame work or school. I blamed myself. In the end I gave up and didn’t graduate. Then when I heard about adult school I knew I had to do something about it because I never finished school. As time flew by I kept thinking to myself, what kind of person am I without a diploma, so I finally took action and joined adult school. I was a little nervous about it because I stopped going to school for a year. I told myself, “What if I don’t remember anything?” A lot came to my mind and I knew they were all excuses. I had to stop being a boy, and man up and take action. I just told myself, “There’s nothing I can’t do.” As I started school, I saw students who made the same decision as I and knew I could do it. Some students had it worse. They were in tough situations, but they knew they had to better themselves as parents and as adults. As school went by, I knew it wasn’t going to be that hard and everything seems to come back. School is really exciting and entertaining; you just need to know how to make it fun. Some say it’s boring, but the real fact is that they’re just boring. There is so much knowledge and we need to feed our brain with a lot of education. Adult school means a lot to me for many reasons. By going to adult school, I was able to get a second chance and finish where I left off. What I like most about adult school is that it’s free. I thought going back was going to be tough, but as long as you put in effort and dedication, anything is possible. Overall, I am glad and not one bit disappointed about going to adult school. Now that am accountable and meticulous about my life, I can be a better person. I never thought adult school was going to be so much fun. We all need to be adults and do what’s best for us and our families. I thank adult school for that second chance.
-Victor F (HS Diploma)

In life, I’ve struggled in many different things. I’ve lost jobs and an apartment. I had my daughter at 17 yrs old and had to drop out. I never really had a second chance. Fontana adult School gave me that chance and also a chance to do better. With all the support of the teachers and staff, I know I will. Thank you. -Johnathan T (HS Diploma) Fontana Adult School has helped me enormously, not only in my education, but also in my personal life. In the short time I've attended this school I’ve completed many classes. Fontana Adult School is the only school that fits
- Tracey A (HS Diploma)

I am enrolled at Fontana Adult School Because I want to learn English; to speak better English, and understand, too.
- Maria M (Transitional English)

I think that this is helping me learn things that I didn’t get in high school. I think that if I had the support of my parents, I would not be here, but that’s not the case. There are a lot of people like me and this program is needed to fulfill our goals.
- Germ P (HS Diploma)

1. I came to the school because I need to help my daughter with her homework. 2. I need to show my family that I can reach my goals. 3. I want to be a registered nurse.
- Norma C (Transitional English)

I need to get my high school diploma. I am a single parent of three children. They have already graduated from high school. I would like to receive mine, also.
- Edword L (HS Diploma)

When you were young you didn't take seriously the consequences of the mistakes you made when you were in high school, or really take the time to think about how your actions in the present would affect your future. I learned it the hard way, but good thing there's adult school, which can help you get back on track. Adult school has helped me drastically, not only because it's opening more doors for me but because I feel more proud of myself, by accomplishing something which was holding me back. It was my high school diploma, and a high school diploma is very important in these hard economic times. Now in these days you can't get a decent job without a diploma or education. More opportunities will arise with a high school diploma, which my adult school helped me obtain. In these hard economic times, you're really just looking for any job you can get, but then again everyone else who's looking for a job might be more qualified for the job because they received their high school diploma. At the moment, it's not what job experience you have it's about how educated you are. It's a big contest; the more you can offer the better chance you have to succeed. If you do not graduate from high school, there could be a chance of you going to an adult school to help you achieve your goals. Adult school has also helped me in the sense of reminding me how to read and write, because when you stop practicing something, the skills you have learned are not going to be sharp as the day you perfected them. Now my writing skills and math skills are getting a lot better again. I have also met new friends. We help to push one other to succeed more in life. I've seen different cases which made me realize that I can no longer be held back by a high school diploma, that I could have obtained when I was younger. I have completed two courses in the medical field, but without a high school diploma, it doesn't matter because employers would not look at my application without one. Adult school also has great hours. You can decide what time you can go, so you can still attend your family or work, and be able to make it to class. Adult school is more like a second chance at life, letting you correct your mistakes you've made in the past, but it's up to you to work hard. Whatever the story is of why you didn't finish high school, there's Adult school to help you, and guide you to become successful in any career you choose.
- Tracey A (HS Diploma)

I have been studying on ESL since 2005 and now I have better work and I'm taking high school classes.
- Erick R (HS Diploma)

Fontana Adult School is a very good school. It gives opportunities to those who messed up in the past. The teachers are very nice and they teach on a way that doesn't make us miss class. I just started coming here to this school, but so far I like it and I'm not going to stop until I get my high school diploma
- Perla V (HS Diploma)​

FAS has helped me get back on track. To, not only make a difference in my own life, but to make a difference in my school, family, and community. Taking this class has motivated me to continue my education and go into a four year university. FAS has made that difference in my life.
- Omar M (Pharmacy Technician)

I think adult school is important for us because we can learn and have more expectations in life.
- Alejandro D (HS Diploma)

Taking this class helped me learn and improved my grammar, vocabulary, and taught me how to print my ideas in a clearly written way. This was my first course and it motivated me to continue my education. Thanks!
- Jose A (HS Diploma)

I have learned many words that I never knew about, and these words help me better understand what I read.
- Alexander C (HS Diploma)

The pharmacy tech program at Fontana Adult School has opened the door to my future. The program has given me much knowledge and hands on skills for the field. I feel prepared and qualified to pursue my career as a pharmacy tech. Had I not had the opportunity to come to the pharmacy tech program at Fontana Adult School, my future may not be as bright.
- Alicia C (Pharmacy Technician)

I feel that these 2 months went by fast. I have learned a lot. Now I actually know how to give a point and support paragraph thanks to Ms. Honey ;) By the way, she's a great teacher. She breaks it down for us so we can understand the question.
- Monique H (HS Diploma)

First and foremost, my utmost respect to all teachers/district related people who have made education power. I am a student at F.A.S. myself so what I will inherit from this experience is far more amazing than words can speak. I have been to various educational community environments but I have never experienced a joyful first semester like this one at F.A.S. I am a person who is very much stereotyped; though my image at this school has not affected any teacher or caused them to refuse a few hours of life lessons for me. That itself makes me feel welcome and motivated to come every day no matter what the circumstance. I feel proud to say I'm a student at Fontana Adult School. Sincerely
- Edgar S (HS Diploma)

I believe adult school has helped me in a lot of ways; like giving me a second chance to get my high school diploma. I like coming to this school because the teachers help you so much and really make you learn stuff. Like Ms. Honey says, "Be ready to sweat that brain.”
- Eric R (HS Diploma)

I think the teachers are doing their job. When you need help or have a question, they are always there to help you out. I like Fontana Adult School because the people who work here are always trying to do their best to help their students.
- Isaac G (HS Diploma)

Fontana Adult School is a good school. The fact that the staff is friendly is one of the reasons I enjoy being here. Being surrounded by adults makes it fun. It’s a reminder of why I am here and why I'm doing this. My education matters to me and Fontana Adult Staff take the time to teach step by step and they actually acknowledge that I am trying. This is a really great school.
- Alejandra N (HS Diploma)

I wasn’t too inspired to come back to school to continue getting my diploma because I felt like I failed when I was in high school. I didn't have much motivation to continue. When I began at Fontana Adult School, I had a positive attitude and I walked in knowing that if I wanted to become successful in life, and that if one day I had a family, I would want to be able to support them. In order to do that, I would have to get on the right track. Teachers here motivated me to never give up; they help you in any struggles you have, and they give you a drive to keep pushing to the next level of success. I always had trouble in math and never understood it till I came here. I never had a math teacher with such a positive attitude and students who are willing to help their peers. I am glad I made the choice to come here and continue my education for a better life and to become successful. I recommend people to come to this school because they can finish off their education, and walk out of here with a positive attitude and a feeling of accomplishment.
- Leslie D (HS Diploma)

My reason for coming to Fontana Adult School is because I want to finish high school and get my diploma. I also want to get the hang of going to school. So going to this school has helped me structure myself to go to school everyday and do work. After I finish her, my plan is to join the service as a member of the Navy.
- Arabella Harris (High School Diploma)

Fontana Adult School has helped me to continue my education and move me toward getting my high school diploma. I am 29 years old. I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. I have always felt bad about myself because of this. I have learned a lot in the semester and a half I have been coming to school. If Fontana Adult School was not here to help me, I don’t know what I would do; but wait, I do know I would not be learning. I know because of the free education I am getting, I will one day go to a college and get a career.
Sincerely, Jenica Pacheco (High School Diploma)

My experience here at adult school has been great. I’ve been here for a little over a year and I’ve had multiple teachers. They all have been great. What makes this school different from the rest is that everyone here comes and they do what they have to do which is make up their credits. The students are very friendly and over the year that I’ve been here I haven’t seen a single fight or something even close to a fight. Normally in a high school there’s at least a fight every week. Like I said earlier, teachers are friendly and very helpful. I’m about to graduate in May and I’m glad I came to this school to get my diploma. Not only teachers helped me out but also the counselors, secretaries, and even security guards. I’m glad I’m finally going to graduate but at the same time I’m a little upset that I’m going to be leaving this school and these teachers. My time is up here at adult school but I’m glad I came. Other lucky students in need are going to come to the right place.
- Eber Perez (High School Diploma)

To many people adult school can mean a lot of things. To me adult school means finishing with success, to move on further in education. With adult school finished I am more determined to succeed in life knowing I have my diploma and to go on to college to do something I am interested in doing. Adult school meant a lot to me because it was flexible with my daily schedule. Also it was free, unlike many other adult school programs. It may take a while to finish, but it is all worth it in the long run. Thank you Fontana Adult School for helping me achieve my goal and move on to a career.
- Phillip Johnson (Graduate of Class of 2011-High School Diploma)