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  • Passing the GED Test earns you a state and nationally recognized High School Equivalency Certificate.
  • We are a Pearson Vue Test Center.  Go to to register.  You can take the GED Test in English or Spanish.
  • We offer High School Equivalency test prep.  Please contact the main office for more information.  Phone (909) 357-5490 or fax (909) 357-5556.


  • Updated score ranges for the GED Ready® test


    Since launching the GED Ready® practice test a year ago, we’ve looked very closely at how students scored on the practice test compared to how they scored on real test. A detailed analysis showed us that students who earned a higher yellow "Too Close to Call" score were actually quite likely to pass the GED® test.


    As a result, we’ve extended the GED Ready® practice test green "Likely to Pass" score ranges downward several scaled score points. The new ranges give you and your students improved feedback on whether they’re ready to pass the test.


    These updated GED Ready® test score ranges will be reflected in your students' score reports beginning Monday, December 15:


    Test subject New Green Range Previous Green Range
    RLA 152 – 200 158 – 200
    Math 154 – 200 158 – 200
    Science 152 – 200 158 – 200
    Social Studies 155 – 200 158 – 200