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* * * Have a Great Summer - The First Day of School is Thursday, August 4, 2016! * * *
Mango Elementary School
Home of the Mountain Lions
7450 Mango Avenue
Fontana, CA  92336

(909) 357-5660
Fax: (909) 357-7695

Michelle Avila, Ed.D., Principal
Jorge Arauz, Assistant Principal
Hello Mango Families,

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!

I encourage parents and community members to become involved with the school as much as possible. Participating in School Site Council, ELAC, PTA, and/or fundraising events greatly impact the success of Mango Elementary. Also, the students like to see their parents participate in school committees and events. Everyone has something to contribute to the school and the more we work together, the more successful the students will be.

As we venture into the new school year, I would like to remind everyone that Mango is a No Excuses University School. What that means to the staff is that we believe our students can succeed and attending college is a real expectation for the future. Mango teachers spend countless hours creating rigorous lessons, analyzing student data, and providing critical interventions for students who need additional help. The school has a history of academic success and I am looking forward to being part of many more successful years at Mango Elementary!


Michelle Avila, Ed.D.
Back to School Night 
by Pamela L. Kaptain
 6/17/2016 11:36 AM
New Start and Dismissal Times for All FUSD SchoolsAttachment 
by Pamela L. Kaptain
 6/6/2016 3:33 PM
Spelling Bee Winners! 
by Michelle Avila
 1/30/2016 6:44 PM
Pennies for Patients Fundraiser 
by Michelle Avila
 1/22/2016 10:45 AM
Gingerbread House Contest! 
by Michelle Avila
 1/9/2016 9:50 PM
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7/29/2016 12:00 AM New Teacher Orientation 
8/1/2016 12:00 AM Professional Development 
8/2/2016 12:00 AM Professional Development 
8/3/2016 12:00 AM Teacher Prep Day 
8/4/2016 12:00 AM First Day of School 
Welcome Back!
8/25/2016 6:00 PM Back to School Night 
9/5/2016 12:00 AM Labor Day Holiday 
All FUSD schools and offices will be closed.
10/31/2016 12:00 AM Parent/Teacher Conference at all Elementary Schools - Minimum Days 
11/11/2016 12:00 AM Veterans Day Holiday 
All FUSD schools and offices will be closed.
11/21/2016 12:00 AM Fall Break - No School 
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Recognitions for the Month of January

Anoushka Eden
Anoushka Eden is a 5th grade student at Mango and she is also our student government secretary. She enrolled here at Mango in the fourth grade and the best thing about having Anoushka at Mango is her caring and friendly attitude towards her peers. She would like to become a wildlife rescuer when she grows up but hasn’t decided what college she would like to attend yet. Anoushka likes to read, tell jokes, and draw. Did you know that Anoushka wrote to the President of the United States last year? She wanted to voice her opinion regarding women’s equality. During the summer she received a letter back from the President, praising Anoushka for her confidence and willingness to stand up for what is right. Thank you Anoushka for being such a great role model to your peers at Mango Elementary!
Eboney Stringer
Eboney Stringer is an instructional aide at Mango Elementary and has been part of the Mango Family for three years. Eboney always has a smile on her face and has always has a positive attitude. The best thing about Eboney is her caring demeanor with all students. Her hobbies are playing with her beautiful one year old daughter Hayden and reading. She says she loves working at Mango and has met so many mentors and friendly people. Thank you Eboney for your dedication to Mango Elementary!
Blanca Gutierrez
Blanca Gutierrez is Mango’s PTA President. She has two sons attending Mango and is always on campus to lend her help and support in whatever the school needs. Blanca, along with the other PTA members, have worked tirelessly to raise funds so that all students will have a field trip this school year! In her spare time, Blanca like to sew blankets! Thank you Blanca for your positive attitude and all of your hard work in helping support Mango Elementary!

Recognitions for First Semester

Perfect Attendance

Anthony Alejo, Anthony Ray Alvarez, Guillermo Alvarez, Jacob Calderilla Salazar, Brian Calderon Lopez, Alexander Caratachea, Kaylie Carcamo, Victor Carcamo, Johnathan Castillo, Lacey Clark, Yuliana Contreras Moreno, Diego Contreras-Chavez, Kassandra Contreras-Chavez, Ammilyn Deita, David Diaz, Crystal Duran-Patino, Emily Garcia, Avril Garcia-Gonzalez, Crystal Garcia-Gonzalez, Nevaeh Gladous-Sanchez, Briana Gonzalez Ramirez, Alejandro Gutierrez, Laura Heredia, Dylan Hernandez Lacayo, Angyelisa Hernandez, Diego Hernandez, Xiomara Herrera Aguilar, Elexa Jimenez, Isiah Johnson, Grace Jones, Taiz Juarez, Jessica Lira, Ariana Lopez, Briana Lopez, Stacy Anabell Lopez, Stacy Dayanara Lopez, Anthony Manriquez, Tabatha Mebane, Benjamin Mendoza, Omar Mendoza-Chavez, Natalia Misa, Raymond Montero, Daniel Mora, Joshua Narciso, Cassandra Osorio, Brisa Patino, Emely Patino, Leila Pingol, Adam Rios, Cinthya Rodriguez Puente, Angelina Rodriguez, Yamileth Rodriguez, Luis Romero, Isaiah Salas-Mejia, Caralina Saldana, Jessica Sanchez Re,a Brian Sanchez, Giselle Sanchez, Julian Sanchez, Kevin Sanchez, Rosie Sandoval, Javier Solis, Diego Varela, Luis Vargas, Alejandra Vivar, Galicia Ivan Zaragoza, Joscelyn Zaragoza, Omar Zaragoza

Excellent Attendance

Marvin Alas, Gisselle Alcantar, Jose Alcantar, Gabrielle Artiaga, Dante Breceda, Isis Briscoe, Andrew Cariaso, Gavin Castro, Bianca Diamond, Yoatzin Dominguez, Stephanie Estrada, Kevin Gramajo Sanchez, Matthew Guzman, Alejandra Hernandez, Marilyn Inzunza, Aidsa Jacobo, Kaelyn Jacobo, Elena Jimenez, Elijah Johnson, Lacy Johnson, Kaitlyn Larrondo Gonzalez, Mia Leary, Citlali Licea-Mendoza, Joseph Lira-Hernandez, Angel Lopez, Valeria Lopez, Samantha Manjarrez, Anastazja Martinez, Esteban Martinez-Perez, Javier Melena-Suarez, Yellissa Montero, Cameron Mubarkeh, Brianna Osorio, Osvaldo Patino, Elijah Pineda, Jacob Ramirez, Derek Salto-Munoz, Karnvir Samra, Manvir Samra, Christopher Torres, Stephanie Tovar-Romero, Jesus Vega


1st Grade: Adrian Alfaro, Kassie Romero, Jonattan Men,a Rosie Sandoval, Daniel Orozco, Heaven Eke-Jones, Dylan Hernandez, Destiny Salas

2nd Grade: Jared Cepeda, Crystal Garcia-Gonzalez, Esteban Martinez-Perez, Natalia Misa, Robert Antonio Buenrostro, Natalia Vallejo

3rd Grade: Eric Banuelos, Gizzel Rosas, Daniel Villela, Ruby Morales Saldivar, Justin Seeman, Marissa Madrigal, Elizabeth Welch, Edgar Lozano

4th Grade: Anthony Gudino, Brianna Castellon Medina, Andrew Ramirez, Jr., Gabre’yael Robinson, Gustavo Palacios, Taiz Juarez

5th Grade: Elijah Johnson, Cassandra Osorio, Mikoel Young, Kalani Cazarez, Marvin Alas, Kevin Sanchez, Brianna Osorio, Javier Solis, Xiomara Herrera

Honor Roll

1st Grade: Perseus Soto, America Gonzalez, Christian Gonzalez, Diego Hernandez, Jaylen Jones, David Molina, Sarah Vizcaino, Isabella Canedo, Katherine Thomas

2nd Grade: Jacqueline Capacci, Victor Carcamo, Noah Chavez, Nicolas Echeverria, Grace Jones, Christian Lopez, Benjamin Romero, Alejandra Gutierrez, Natalie Perez, Julian Serna, My’Alyce Hollie, Citlali Licea-Mendoza

3rd Grade: Garrett Woodruff, Ethan Gonzales, Cloey Perez, Regina Rios

4th Grade: Adam Rios, David Quintana, Isaias Corona, Gabriel Cuicas, Fatima Davila, Amy Gomez, Jazmin Jara, Stacy Lopez, Antony Manriquez, Nikolas Gold-Megans, Valario Martinez-Mejia, Anoushka Eden, Kevin Gramajo, Elena Jimenez, Gabriel Salido, Isabelle Prittie

5th Grade: Alexander Caratachea, Andrew Cariaso, Destiny Guzman, Elijah Johnson, Dominique Medina, Jonattan Navarro, Maria Fernanda, Olivas Cassandra Osorio, Michelle Palacios, Stephanie Diaz Rios, Alan Tate, Azucena Vargas, David Marquez, Daniela Aldalpe, Brianna Gonzalez, Isabella Hernandez, Giselle Sanchez, Frank Aguirre, Alejandro Carvajal, Brianna Seeman, Ariana Lopez, Ammilyn Deita, Isaiah Salas-Mejia, Jose Manuel Saldana, Jacqueline Vizcaino

Improvement Awards

1st Grade: Jesse Chavez, Samuel Alva, Elexa Jimenez, Amarilis Mendoza, Nathan Miller, Abraham Gonzalez, Jacob Ramirez, Cytlali Villarruel, Ricardo Sainz, Yvette Zamora, Nestor Fonseca, Britany Carvajal, Delilah Montes

2nd Grade: Erick Sanchez, Alvaro Meza, Marlene Caratachea, Edna Gonzalez, Aidsa Jacobo, Samantha Avilez-Lloyd, Uriel Gonzalez, Cynthia Enriquez, Adrian Vasquez, Haley Dela Torre, Giovanni Mendez, Rosemary Hernandez, Diego Mora Valdes, Becky Romero, Arthur Estrada

3rd Grade: Angel Martinez-Alvarado, Emmanuel Oliva, Gavin Smith, Luis Vargas, Jacob Calderilla Salazar, Yuliana Contreras Moreno, Briana Lopez, Joshua Narciso, Emily Garcia, Demion Lewis, Madison Canales, Zackary Timlick, Adamari Munoz, Angel Pinedo

4th Grade: Kitzia Gomez Anthony Alejo Devina Abercrombie Joestell Odette Tabatha Mebane Lacey Clark Celeste Serna Arlene Sanchez-Magana Angel Angeles Karla Soto Charly Baldeon Kassandra Contreras-Chavez

5th Grade: Maria Fernanda Olivas, Kareem Shaker, Stephanie Diaz Rios, Azucena Vargas, Angyelisa Hernandez, Diana Cruz, Abel Lizarraga, Yaritz Patino, Christopher Harper, Nina Mora, Richard Ramos, Laura Heredia, Angel Hernandez, David Resinos, Robert Salazar, Josie Chinchilla, Javier Solis

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