K9 Program Activities

Updated: 10/31/2008 - Over the last several months, Officer Bautista and her K9 partner Copper have responded to requests from school sites to have Copper conduct searches due to controlled substances being discovered on campus. In addition they have been called upon by other agencies 36 times during the months of March through October to assist them on searches of residences and/or vehicles. The majority of the requests for assistance came from Fontana Police, but Bautista and Copper also received requests from the Sheriff’s Department, Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (Paroles) and Redlands Police.

Drug and Weapons Detection K9 Program

The school board at the December 2006 meeting voted the approval to implement a K9 program. The dog will be able to identify drugs, weapons, and explosives. The dog will be trained to be a “passive alert” dog, which means the dog will simply lay down next to the object being examined if the dog wants to alert the handler that it has discovered contraband. I am confident our school district will come to value our program. It will give us great flexibility in using the dog randomly, frequently, and at the specific request of site administrators. Feel free to contact Chief Ratcliffe directly if you have any questions about the program.