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Fontana Unified School District Elementary Music website!  

Every week, about 5600 students at 30 schools in grades 4 & 5 learn general music during the school day.   About 1200 students in grades 5 & 6 learn how to play a band or string instrument in an elective class.  About, 1200 students in grades 4, 5 & 6  sing in an elective school choir.   Three schools feature modern band as an elective class.  Students in electives are prepared for middle school music ensembles. The goals are for all students to have broad exposure to music of the world, a basic understanding of how to read, write, perform, arrange, improvise and respond to music, and to gain the language of music that describes how and why music is put together.  

K-12 music education is guide​​d by the academic standards set by the California State Board of Education.  Research has shown that music education can help close the achievement gap among students of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.  FUSD offers students opportunities for live performance and exploration for upper grade students.  The "Every Student Succeeds Act" states that a well-rounded education includes music and the arts  ​


Patricia O'Herron, Teacher-Leader​, Elementary Music
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Jolene Tapie, Intermediate Secretary,  Teaching & Learning
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