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The Junior Fontana Leadership Intervention Program (Jr. FLIP) is founded upon a partnership between the Fontana Unified School District and the Fontana School Police Department. The 16 (sixteen) week program offers “at-risk” elementary school students an opportunity to experience a unique educational environment which will positively impact the rest of their lives.

Students enrolled in Junior FLIP will be required to attend 16 (sixteen) 4 hour classes held at a designated school site on Saturdays. These training classes will focus on topics which include power of education, drug and alcohol resistance, anti-bullying, leadership skill development, teamwork and other related fields. The course curriculum will be facilitated by high-quality instructors and include field trips to enhance education at various locations.   In addition, participants will receive constant interactions with the Junior Flip staff at their perspective schools and be subject to other opportunities for team building.

Prior to entering the program, potential applicants must be referred to the program by their school administrator.  Only specific schools selected by the district will be considered for student participation.  Please check with your school principal for selected schools sites.  Parents of students selected must attend a parent orientation session.  Parents attend an eight week, two hours parenting class held on consecutive Saturdays.   

Upon successful completion of the Junior FLIP program, students will participate in a formal graduation ceremony and become part of an on-going partnership to help ensure their future success.

The Pilot Junior Flip class was held during the 2nd semester of the 2014/2015 school year. Due to the great success with the students and staff of Oleander Elementary and Beech Elementary, we are pleased to announce the expansion of the Junior Flip program. The Junior Flip class will now focus on Elementary feeder school sites of one designated Middle School per semester.

Junior Flip Class 10 will be held at Fontana Middle School in the first semester of the 2019/2020 school year.  The feeder schools are Date Elementary, Oleander Elementary, South Tamarind Elementary, and Palmetto Elementary. 

Elementary School sites have a minimum number of referral slots. Please contact your school site Administrator for referral to Junior Flip.   

For more information about Junior FLIP, please contact the Fontana Unified School Police Department, Officer Amanda Liabeuf at, (909) 357-7600, Ext. 29446 or Leticia Oliva at, the Intervention Secretary at (909) 357-7600, Ext. 29071